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Fire Safety Awareness in Schools 

Fire safety awareness (Schools) – Course Flyer


Fire Safety Awareness in Schools


Training will be held in the school requesting the training


These workshops can be arranged as required



£60  per workshop + travel costs from Carmarthen @ £0.42 per mile


As requested – can be arranged as a twilight session (15:00-17:00) if required


2 hours


Carmarthenshire County Council

Who is it aimed at?

These workshops are tailored to be relevant to individual schools and will provide all staff and others with a comprehensive overview of the fire safety management arrangements in their school


This course is available in English and Welsh

What are the objectives?


Key areas covered during the workshop  include:


  • Current Fire Safety Legislation
  • The causes and effects of fires in schools
  • Arson and prevention in schools
  • Human behaviour in emergency situations
  • The principles of fire safety management in schools
  • The role of the school staff in emergencies
  • Fire evacuations


How will it make a difference?

Reduce the likelihood of fires in schools and increase the ability of staff, pupils and others to efficiently and safely respond to a fire in their school including the timely evacuation to a place of safety.


If you require any further information please contact Eddie Cummings – 01267 246180 or



Applications to:


Click  HERE to access the online application form

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