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First Aid at Work 

First Aid at Work – Course Flyer


First Aid at Work


St Davids Park, Carmarthen


02,03,04 February 2016



£135 person




Three days


Carmarthenshire County Council

Who is it aimed at?

Anyone nominated as a First Aider in Schools – this qualification is usually only required for staff who are managing higher risk activities. This is usually based on the likelihood of more severe injuries. This may include staff involved in sports, science and outdoor activities.


This qualification will require attendance at a two day refresher course every three years to maintain accreditation.

What are the objectives?

To provide staff with the knowledge and skills to:


·         Manage the First Aid arrangements in their school

·         Recognise and effectively manage a casualty until the emergency services or other competent person takes over

·         Recognise and manage a range of injuries and illness

·         Airways management

·         Breathing and resuscitation including CPR

·         Recognise and treat a range of illnesses and conditions (includes fainting, anaphylaxis, shock, burns, epileptic conditions, heart attacks and asthma

·         Dealing with wounds and bleeding

·         Managing First Aid kits and provision of first aid materials

·         Identifying and treating fractures

·         Identifying and treating soft tissue injuries


How will it make a difference?

Support schools to effectively and safely manage casualties including injuries and illness in schools. 


This will also assist the school to comply with its requirements under the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981


If you require any further information please contact Eddie Cummings – 01267 246180 or



Applications to:


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