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This area of the More Able and Talented (MAT) site on AMDRO is for the teachers of Carmarthenshire to share what’s going on in relation to more able and talented pupils in their school or across a cluster of schools.  Please send any information which you would be happy to share on the internet to maryprovis@carmarthenshire.gov.uk, using the attached form.

What's happening in Carmarthenshire - proforma for submissions.doc 

June 2012
Congratulations to Ysgol Bro Myrddin on being cited as a best practice case study in Estyn’s thematic report on ‘Supporting More Able and Talented pupils in Secondary Schools’.
Read Estyn’s report ‘Supporting More Able and Talented pupils in Secondary Schools’ (June 2012) here.

WRITING SQUADS. Click here to find more about the Carmarthenshire Writing Squads

Congratulations to Amman Valley Comprehensive School and its feeder schools for being included as a case study (Blue Skies Project) in ESTYN's recent report on 'Supporting More Able and Talented Pupils in Primary Schools'

ESTYN Article on the Blue Skies Project

SWAMWAC article on Blue Skies Project

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