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Here are a number of warm up activities or thought provoking activities to use at the end of a lesson or unit of work for a variety of themes. The purpose of starters is to warm up, to create the yearning to know more, to create a hook to hang an idea on and to create delight. The idea of an end of lesson or unit of work activity is to help to recap or revise in a fun and thought provoking way. Some of these games are based on the quiz shows "A Question of Sport" & "Have I got news for you". The "Question of ", "Odd one out" and "Missing word round" activities are powerpoint presentations and are easy to copy and customise.The "Odd one out" activity can develop lots of debate and discussion and can have a number of right answers and lots of interesting spin offs.

Odd one out
    A sample odd one out game, featuring historical characters.
    Odd One Out

A Question of... WW1
    'Question of Sport' style games featuring images from World War 1.
    Question of WW1 pt1
    Question of WW1 pt2

A Question of....  Llancaiach House
    'Question of Sport' style game featuring images from Llancaiach House. 
    A Question of Llancaiach House

Missing words... WW1
    A missing word game featuring quotations from the World War 1 period.
    Missing Words WW1
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