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“Following the review of Professional Standards, CPD and Performance Management we are developing one simple, consistent system including a continuum of professional standards and a framework for professional development, underpinned by robust performance management arrangements. These elements should work together as a coherent system to drive improved standards of teaching”

Explanatory Memorandum to the School Teacher Appraisal (Wales) Regulations 2011

The School Teacher Appraisal (Wales) Regulations came into force during January 2012 replacing the previous Regulations that had been introduced in 2002. WG considers the changes to the Performance Management system as forming a key plank of the wider reform agenda linking performance management arrangements with national and school level improvement priorities. It is argued that the new Regulations ‘ will also provide the opportunity for teachers and leaders to reflect on their own practice, discuss the support they need to enhance their practice and to evidence their professional development in a structured way throughout their career’ by:

  • Focusing performance management objectives for teachers and headteachers on professional standards and priorities such as literacy and numeracy;
  • Providing a clear description of the evidence needed to underpin the performance management review process for teachers and headteachers;
  • Providing a standardised process to reduce variability;
  • Establishing a requirement to maintain a practice review and development record, detailing particulars of professional development activities undertaken;
  • Putting in place more streamlined arrangements to ensure that Headteacher performance management discussions form part of the wider dialogue with the local authority about school improvement;
  • Local  authority membership of the headteacher’s appraisal panel will provide more focused support for governing bodies
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