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What is self-evaluation ?

Self-evaluation is about the collective gathering of data. It involves teachers and school leaders coming to judgements based on their first-hand knowledge of what is happening in classrooms.  It requires that pupils have in their possession the tools to reflect on their learning.  It means parents rendering their judgement of the school's performance . . . it (happens) whenever existing provision is examined with a view to its improvement. 

Source: MacBeath, J. & McGlynn, A.  Self-evaluation: What’s in it for schools ?

Self-evaluation is a process, not an event.

It is the first, essential step in a cyclical process of bringing about change and improvement.

At the heart of self-evaluation are three questions:

How well are we doing ?
How do we know ?
How can we improve things further ?

Estyn’s Self-evaluation Manuals for Schools 2010. (These manuals are an extremely valuable resource for schools and can be found on Estyn's website or via the links below)

Estyn's Self-evaluation Manual for Primary Schools

Estyn's Self-evaluation Manual for Secondary Schools

Estyn's Self-evaluation Manual for Special Schools and PRU


















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