Safleoedd Ysgolion
Cymorth Llywodraethwr
Primary ICT Networking - Autumn 2013 

Effaith TGCh ar ddysgu disgyblion mewn ysgolion cynradd - Gorffennaf 2013

Safle We Estyn

Estyn PowerPoint

10 Key Questions

1. Do you have an agreed clear vision, determination and a plan within your school to improve staff capacity, planning and provision for ICT?

2. Do your pupils develop the full range of ICT skills  in both the Foundation Phase and key stage 2, especially in data-handling, modelling and numeracy?

3. Do you assess and track pupils’ ICT subject knowledge and skills rigorously and use this information to inform planning?

4. Are all teachers competent to deliver the full range of the IT programme of study?

5. How do you measure the impact of ICT in literacy and numeracy?

6. Do you use ICT well enough and to its full potential to challenge more able pupils and to support pupils with additional needs?

7. Do you fully implement and monitor your ICT scheme of work?

8. Have you started preparing for the use of Hwb+ in your school in order to use it to its full potential and support home / school learning?

9. When you use ICT to support Welsh as a second language or if you are a Welsh medium school, have you changed the interface language of key computer software into Welsh?

10. If you are planning to introduce the use of tablets or other mobile technology in your school have you planned sufficiently for this?


Regional Support, Challenge and Intervention Framework.doc

ICT Self Review Framework - Amdro

360 Degrees eSafety Framework - Amdro
Information Magic - RM website

Data Handling - Hwb

Spreadsheets 1 - Hwb

Spreadsheets 2 - Hwb

Dawn - ICT Markbook

Staff Skills Audit.doc

ICT Skills Framework - Amdro

ICT Skills Framework - Amdro

National Literacy and Numeracy Framework - Learning Wales Website

iPads Supporting the Literacy Framework.doc
(Year 3 sample)

iPads Supporting the Numeracy Framework KS2.doc

iPads Supporting the Numeracy Framework FPh.doc

Suggested MAT ICT apps



Game Press 

ICT Self Review Framework
Section 2, Curriculum Planning - 

ICT Skills Framework - Amdro

Learning Wales



Hwb+ Adoption Questionnaire- generic

Firefox Cymraeg - external

To Bach on a PC - Draig Technologies

To Bach on a Mac
1. Select Language and Text in System Preferences
2. Under the Language tab, click Edit List... and put a tick in the box next to Cymraeg
3. Under the Input Sources tab, put a tick in the box next to Welsh

To Bach on an iPad
Rather than tapping on a letter on the keyboard, tap and hold a letter. A selection of other formats of the character will appear. Without losing contact with the screen, slide along to to letter with the to bach over it and release your finger from the screen.

Carmarthenshire Apple Regional Training Centre - Amdro 

Audio Network - external

British Pathe - external
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