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In September 2011, DAWN was launched into primary schools in Carmarthenshire with the intention of informing teachers in their daily efforts to assess pupils in the classroom. From the Foundation Phase On Entry to the end of Key Stage 2, the collection of assessment markbooks in the Integris G2 system has afforded schools many tools to gain a measure of where their pupils are, and make decisions regarding future provision.

It is through DAWN that the Local Authority has been able to provide annual reports to schools and, for the first time, has allowed comparison between schools within SEG clusters. It has begun to shape an ecosystem of assessment and reporting the likes of which has not been seen in the Authority before. These achievements have been highlighted by positive mentions of the tracking system in several school inspections and Carmarthenshire leads the region in this area.

In 2012/13, many improvements have been made to various aspects of the markbooks, assessment calendar and the system as a whole. It is our goal to continue making progress in schools for the greater benefit of our pupils. We can only achieve this by continuing to evolve our system and methods for informing professional judgements. DAWN will be Carmarthenshire’s tool for achieving this.

Aneirin Rhys Thomas

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