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Non Statutory Child Development Profile Guidance
The Child Development Profile provides details of the developmental stages of young children across the Foundation Phase i.e from three to seven. Practitioners need to understand how children develop and they should plan an appropriate curriculum that takes into account the skills that children need to become confident and independent learners. The learning provision within the Foundation Phase should be appropriate to the stage of children’s learning rather than focused solely on age-related outcomes to be achieved. In planning the learning provision, account also needs to be taken of barriers to play, learning and participation caused by physical, sensory, emotional, communication or learning difficulties.
Child development profile.pdf

Framework for Children’s Learning for 3 to 7-year-olds in Wales
The Foundation Phase Framework for Children’s Learning is planned as a progressive framework that spans four years and it is intended to meet the diverse needs of all children, including those who are at an earlier stage of development and those who are more able. There are seven areas of learning identified within the framework to support the development of children and their skills. The seven areas of learning complement each other and create a cross-curricular approach to the delivery of a practical and relevant curriculum. The Personal and Social Development, Well-Being and Cultural Diversity of children is at the heart of learning within the Foundation Phase Framework and should be developed across all aspects of the curriculum.
Framework 3-7.pdf
Non Statutory Skills Framework 3-19 year olds in Wales
The Skills Framework has been developed to provide advice and guidance in relation to promoting continuity and progression in terms of the development of thinking, communication, ICT and number skills of learners between the age of 3and 19 and beyond. The Skills Framework, which is not intended to be a curriculum framework, identifies the need to for these skills to be firmly embedded into the experiences provided for learners across all areas of their learning. The Skills Framework underpins the Foundation Phase Framework and it uses language that is congruent with that used in the Foundation Phase Outcomes so that the two frameworks reinforce and complement each other.
SKILLS_FRAMEWork 3-19 years.pdf

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