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Mathematical Challenges 

Measure length of christmas stockings use standard non standard units
Measure length of stockings with unifix
Order the Christmas story
Sort 2d shaped letters
Sort length of Christmas stockings
Sort presents 3D shapes

Collect and sort numicon plates
Measure rainfall make graph

Sums on eggs match to answer

Arrange cards showing passage of time
Compare and order painted footwear prints
Draw around your shoe use the template to measure
Fill a container tip it up how far will it go
Lay the table for the three bears
Make a clock match time cards
Measure length of playground
Measure perimeter of shapes
Measuring and making playdough
Measuring time
Musical shapes
Passage of time challenge
Using sandtimers how many times can you
Weighing fruit
Work out capacity of containers

Recognise and find totals

Adding 2 numbers
Catch the ducks place on a number line
It's a double knockout
Match numbers
Match numbers 2
Match the flowers to the flower pot
Matching numerals to numicon
Matching symbol to teddy bears
Number bonds to 10
Number bonds to 10 using numicon
Number bonds with beebot
Number hunt -using stopwatch order numbers on line
Order numbered clothes on a washing line
Pairs of gloves
Programme beebot using number cards
Recognising number
Roll 2 dice - what is the total
Skittles challenge
Skittles challenge2
Snakes and ladders
Sort odd and even
Splat the number
Throw a ball at a target calculate score
Use your whole body to count

3D bingo
Build a castle using 3D shapes
Build a tower using 3D shapes
Find shapes in outside environment
Find the shape
Look for a 3D shape
Make 2D shapes using natural materials
Make a space rocket out of junk materials
Make shapes using their bodies
Place the shape on a washing line
Properties of shape game
Shape finder
Shape hunt - make shapes
Sorting shapes
Use shape bean bags to copy patterns
Weaving shapes

Mathematical challenges 2
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