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Guided Access 
You can lock a pupil in to a particular app, thus preventing them from using any other app until you unlock the iPad.
To be able to begin Guided Access, you must have turned on Guided Access under the Settings app on the iPad (see recommended Setting section).
This is also where the PIN for this feature is set.
Settings > Accessibility > Guided Access > ON

To lock a pupil in to a certain app:
1. Tap on the app's icon to begin using it
2. Triple click the (physical) Home button on the iPad
3. Tap the Start button in the top right hand corner of the screen

You can also turn off the Hardware buttons, Touch controls and Motion control of the iPad, if you wish.
You can also disable specific areas of the screen, simply by drawing a circle on the screen to indicate these areas. This can be used to further restrict certain functionality within an app.

To end Guided Access, triple click the (physical) Home button, enter the PIN and tap the End button in the top left hand corner.
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