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Schools can change a number of Settings on the school iPads, to make a safer and easier user experience for the pupils.

Here are some of the recommended Settings for use on iPads in the classroom.
Whichever Settings a school decides to apply to their iPads, it is recommended that the same Settings are applied to all devices, to ensure the same user experience across the board.

Under General:
For younger pupils or pupils with issues regarding fine motor control, turn the Multitasking Gestures 'Off'

If you are typing in Welsh, tap on Keyboard and turn the first 3 settings to 'Off', i.e. Auto-Capitalisation,Auto-Correction and Check Spelling.
Repeat the previous point, but turn the 3 setting back 'On', if working in English.

To 'lock' a pupil in to using a single app, tap an the Accessibility option and turn the Guided Accessoption 'On' (further information regarding Guided Access can be found in the menu on the left hand side of this page on Amdro)

All the settings above, are open to any user to change.
Certain settings on the iPad are only available to administrators of the iPads and these can be found under Restriction.

This area is PIN protected. You will be prompted for a PIN when you first turn on these Restrictions.
Turn off the Deleting Apps option - this will prevent pupils from removing apps from the iPads
You may choose to turn Siri (voice recognition) off, however, even if you don't it is recommended that you turn Siri Explicit Language off.
You may decide to turn FaceTimeiTunes and iBookstore off.

Under Allowed Content:
change the Ratings for to 'United Kingdom' and then change the rating for each category.
Please note: you may be required to set the Apps Rating to 17+, to allow some generic apps to work, however, you will control the apps that are installed on the iPads and the content drawn from the internet will be filtered as usual by the normal school internet filtering system.

In the vast majority of cases, Allow Changes to Accounts, as well as Multiplayer Games and AddingFriends can be set to 'Off'
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