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Purchasing Apps - Volume Purchase Programme VPP 
Education licensing states that a school is required to purchase a licence for every iPad an App is installed on, i.e. if a school has 12 iPads and installs the same app on each of these iPads, then the school will be required to purchase 12 licences for this app.

Licences for the majority of apps are available for half price if a school purchases 20 licences, or more.
Therefore, if a school has 12 iPads, it is worth purchasing 20 licences for a particular app. This will cost the equivalent of 10 licences and the school will have 8 licences spare, ready to licence any iPads purchased in the future.

The costs of individual apps purchased under the VPP, can be checked here,
(Link for PC or Mac only. The link does not work on an iPad):

Further details of how schools can sign up to the Apple Volume Purchasing Programme (VPP), and pay for these licences will appear here soon.

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