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How to reset a Password 
To reset the password for an account in JIT or J2E, carry out the following steps:

1. Log in as a Teacher
2. Click on your name button at the top, left hand corner of the screen
3. Select 'My settings...' from the drop down menu
4. Select the 'Users' tab (in Firefox, you will need to click on the right arrow next to the tabs, to scroll to the right to find the Users tab)
5. Scroll down the list of users to find the relevant account
6. Click on the account name
7. Click on the Reset Password button
8. Re-enter your password to confirm the change

The password for the selected account will have been reset to the default of 'password'. We recommend the user then logs in to J2E as soon as possible, to change their password to something known only to themselves
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