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ICT Self Review Framework 

10 Key Questions to ask before embarking on the Self Review Framework

1 – Progress and achievement

Think about pupils in different classes, subjects and years in your school.

To what extent has the use of ICT had a demonstrable impact on their progress and achievement? Put another way, would they have made less progress and achieved less well had they not been able to use ICT?

2 – ICT Capability

Think about your pupils’ progress and achievement in relation to their ICT capability.

Do all pupils make good progress in developing and applying their knowledge, skill and understanding of ICT in a wide range of contexts?

3 – Pupils’ Learning

Think about how your pupils learn in different classes, subjects and years.

Does ICT help them to learn more effectively both in school and elsewhere? In other words, does their use of ICT in and out of school help them to become better learners?

4 – Quality of teaching

Think about the teachers and support staff in your school.

To what extent has the effectiveness of their teaching been improved by ICT?

5 – Organisational effectiveness

Think about your school as an organisation and the people that work in it.

To what extent is the use of ICT improving working practices and making your school more effective and efficient?

6 – Partnerships

Think about your communication and engagement with parents/carers.

To what extent is ICT used to enhance the partnership with parents/carers? Is this effective in engaging them more fully in the life of the school and in support of their children’s learning?

7 – Vision and Strategy

Think about what your school is trying to achieve through the use of ICT.

Is there a shared vision for the way that ICT will improve the quality of learning, teaching and management, and a strategy which ensures this is realised?

8 – Leadership and innovation

Think about the leadership at all levels in your school.

Does this leadership create a culture where staff feel encouraged to develop new practices with ICT, reflect on outcomes and share successful innovation for wider adoption?

9 – ICT resources

Think about your school’s ICT resources including hardware, software and digital learning and management resources.
Are these of sufficient quantity, quality, reliability and availability to help you achieve your school vision and your aspirations for ICT? In other words, do you have the right resources in the right place at the right time?

10– Safeguarding

Think about the pupils, staff and others with access to the school’s ICT systems.

Is there a clear and well‐understood e‐safety strategy which ensures a safe environment for ICT use? Are pupils and staff made aware of their responsibilities so that they adopt appropriate behaviours when they use ICT both within and beyond the school? 

The Self Review Framework

PDF and Word versions of the Framework are available here (scroll to the bottom of the linked page)

For further information regarding the ICT Self Review Framework, please contact:
Damian Donnelly (dd@ysgolccc.org.uk)
Greg Morgan (grmorgan@carmarthenshire.gov.uk)

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