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Welcome to the More Able and Talented Pupils site.

REMEMBER! In Wales we have a very inclusive definition of ‘More Able and Talented’.  As recently reported by Estyn (Supporting more able and talented pupils in primary schools, July 2011):

‘the term ‘more able and talented’ refers to about
of pupils who require enriched and extended opportunities to develop their abilities or talents in one or more areas………These pupils include those who are more able across the curriculum and may be capable of achieving above the expected level in the end-of-key-stage teacher assessments. They also include those pupils who show ability or are particularly talented in one or more specific areas, such as music, drama, art or sport.’ 

This site will be enriched by contributions from Carmarthenshire teachers.  For further information please contact:

Mary Provis
Senior Educational Psychologist for Learning
Tel: 01267 246586/7

e-mail: maryprovis@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

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MAT Stimulus Days for Carmarthenshire teachers 2013 - 14

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Contact inset@carmarthenshire.gov.uk to secure your place.

October 2012
The More Able and Talented Training Pack (NACE/Welsh Government) was sent to all state schools in Wales on 18th October 2012. You can also download the pack from the Learning Wales website. 

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