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Carmarthenshire County Council believes that the use of information and communication technologies in schools brings great benefits. Recognising the e-safety challenges and planning accordingly will help to ensure appropriate, effective, safe and positive use of electronic communications.

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Guidelines for E-Safety

Carmarthenshire Schools' eSafety Policy
This guidance and policy template will help schools to discuss the issues involved and review their e-Safety Policy. 
The aim of this document is to assist Carmarthenshire schools in formulating an effective and robust e-learning policy.



  Please see section 1.9 of this document for guidance on 'Response to an Incident of Concern'

This free on-line tool provides schools with an opportunity to review their eSafety policies and practice and bring about necessary improvements. More...

NGfL Cymru
 - Keeping Safe On-Line

ADEW ICT subgroup have compiled the following list of e-safety resources, which it wishes to share, under three section headings:

  • Section A Local Authority Strategic Guidance – providing policies and procedures  for LA’s to consider when providing advice and guidance to schools.
  • Section B School Guidance – providing practical advice and guidance to help schools keep safe online.
  • Section C Teaching and Learning Resources – providing materials for schools to use in the classroom to promote safe and responsible use.

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