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Primary ICT Networking - Spring 2014 
  • Hwb+ update - Rollout, Office365
  • Additional online tools - J2Launch
  • South Wales Apple RTC
  • Technical Update - Craig Jones
  • ICT Self Review Framework and eSafety 360 degrees update
  • Safer Internet Day
  • Amdro based school websites - latest developments
  • Work Scrutiny - preparing examples of ICT work
  • Using and creating Spreadsheets in KS2
  • Introduction to Coding in Primary Schools - Foundation Phase to KS2 

Additional Online Tools

South Wales Apple RTC
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ICT Self Review Framework and eSafety 360 degrees update
360 degrees eSafety Framework

Amdro Based School Websites - latest developments
Ysgol Penygroes

Using and Creating Spreadsheets in KS2

IT Skills across the Curriculum

Year 4
  • Input data into a prepared spreadsheet from surveys
  • Use the Summation tool in a spreadsheet
  • Use the data to plot and interpret a variety of graphs
  • Create a spreadsheet containing simple formulae and use the Fill function to replicate cells and formulae
  • Interrogate and analyse the data and/or the effect of changing the data 
Year 5
  • Using created spreadsheets as live models to investigate "what would happen if?"
  • Create Spreadsheets that include a variety of formula and cell formats, such as money and decimal places
  • Sort, order and copy formulae across a range of cells 
  • Understand that changing the data in a spreadsheet changes the graph displayed 
Year 6
  • Understand the difference between a database and a spreadsheet 
  • Investigate ready made spreadsheet models containing a complex range of formula and asking questions of the nature, "what would happen if?"
  • Create spreadsheets that include a variety of formulae & use the spreadsheet as a live model for further investigation
  • Use spreadsheet functions such as average, maximum and minimum 
  • Plot a variety of graph types to illustrate specific data within the spreadsheet
  • Draw conclusions from their analysis and present their findings 

An Introduction to Spreadsheets 1 - Hwb
An Introduction to Spreadsheets 2 - Hwb

Safer Internet Day
This year’s theme for Safer Internet day is Let’s Create a Better Internet Together. 'UK Safer Internet Centre' have created primary and secondary school packs and also a parent pack, providing lots of great ideas to help schools and organisations get involved in Safer Internet Day 2014.

English Resources

Introduction to Coding in Primary Schools - Foundation Phase to KS2
Bee-Bot App
Kodable App
Daisy the Dinosaur App
Light-bot Hour of Code App
Hopscotch App
Codeacademy App



Greg Morgan - 
Associate System Leader

Damian Donnelly - 
Digital Learning Officer

Craig Jones - 
IT Consultant for Primary Schools


Andrew Thomas

Darrel Cousins

Emyr Brown
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