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  • Developing the use of Databases from Year 1 to 6

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Using and Creating Databases in KS2

Year 1
  • Enter data into a pre-prepared database and use information stored to answer simple questions
  • Make a graph and interpret the data
  • Know that objects can be labelled, grouped and sorted
  • Understand the concept of key words to classify and sort

Year 2
  • Complete a data capture sheet
  • Transfer data into a prepared database
  • Interrogate a database using a simple search
  • Plot and interpret graphs

Year 3

  • Collect appropriate information using a data-capture sheet
  • Input accurate data into a prepared Database
  • Add/remove records
  • Plot and interpret a simple chart/graph
  • Interrogate the database using Simple questions
  • Sort fields in a database
Year 4
  • Know how to create a series of yes or no questions to identify objects
  • Develop a tree diagram to investigate a set of questions
  • Use a branching database to sort information to find answers to questions
  • Develop a branching database by Adding and Removing objects and editing questions
  • Understand the need for accuracy when entering data into a database

Year 5
  • Enter & check the validity of data in a database
  • Interrogate a database using complex search techniques that include AND, OR, NOT, < > operators
  • Plot graphs and use tables to analyse findings within a database
  • Sort on more than one field

Year 6
  • Plan, design and evaluate a data collection sheet understanding that information is stored within a database using a variety of Field types
  • Produce and enter information into a database checking for accuracy
  • Construct appropriate questions and choose which search techniques to use to interrogate a database
  • Understand the difference between a database and a spreadsheet

Data Handling -
Using a Database - Hwb

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