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Maths Games for KS1
Number Bonds for 10
 This is a free resource

This is a new free resource, which was flagged up on BBC 4 breakfast show. Mangahigh intrigues and entices them with unique GCSE curriculum-compliant maths achievement games and builds competence with the complementary maths eLearning system, Prodigi. Prodigi and the achievement games work in symphony to introduce mathematical concepts as part of game-play and promote instinctive understanding through repetitive problem-solving.
This was a free resource but unfortunately this is now £100 a year to subscribe. There are a few free games on the home page.

This is an excellent resource and is a much cheaper option than a private tutor. There are a few free lessons for you and your child to sample. There is a 14 days trial for as little as £1, which I highly recommend. There are many subscription options for this resource. This resource is also very valuable to those pupils in KS3 as well as KS4.
Revision guides are £4.50 each (MHR42 for higher and MFR42 for foundation)
Workbooks with answers are £5.50 each (MHW42B for higher and MHF42B for foundation). These workbooks are also available topic based.
For just £40 a year, here are the 3 amazing things you get exclusive access to when you join:
Over 6 and a half hours of Video Tuition Lessons
PLUS - GCSE Model Answers organised by Topic
PLUS - GCSE Maths Revision Notes
If you follow the link for parents and students you will find another link to free past papers and an online shop. Here you can purchase topic specific exercise books specifically for the WJEC syllabus. They are available from the WJEC shop at a cost of £5.00.
This is a free resource. It contains online worksheets and topic based exam questions. They are still laid out in the format of higher, intermediate and foundation. The intermediate section is of benefit to both the higher and foundation courses.
MathsNet GCSE
This is available with a yearly subscription of £17.25. This is intended for student study use.

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