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Developing Literacy and Numeracy through music - a statement


Young Composer of Dyfed 2012 - Writing for Voices

Key Stage 3 Assessment Portfolios

Click here to access the level descriptors for KS3 under the headings of singing, instrumental performance, composing and appraising.


Developing Composing Skills at Key Stage 3 - self-evaluation

Here is a form for music departments to use when evaluating how well they are developing composing skills at Key Stage 3


Composing for Six PIanos

Here is copy of the booklet given out at the 2010 Young Composer of Dyfed Workshop for GCSE and A Level students.


Useful Websites

Carmarthenshire LEA is not responsible for the content of external internet sites

Subject Associations

Click here for the website of CAGAC, the Welsh Authorties Music Education Association.

Click here for the website of The UK Association for Music Education - Music Mark.

Young Musician and Young Composer of Dyfed

Click here for the websites of the Young Musician and Young Composer of Dyfed - including audio extracts.

General Resources

  • Click here for the website of CânSing, our national singing initiative here is Wales.
  • Syrcas Gerdd is a BBC website for Key Stage 2
  • The Hwb Cymru website contains an increasing number of exciting resources for the classroom - from the Foundation Phase to the Sixth Form.
  • Audio Network provides an online catalogue of original music and arrangements created by composers for use in films, television, advertising and new media industries.
  • Learn Listening Online is an interactive resource from Scotland to enable students to improve their knowledge and listening skills.
  • Teaching Music.
  • Click here for a website offering a wide range of on-line listening extracts
  • Click here to access NUMU, a safe website for 5 – 19 year olds, which allows them to upload and publish music on the web, and access music and projects from other schools Click here for a website sharing ideas about the use of music technology at KS3 - includes useful links
  • Click here for a music teacher's resource site
  • Click here for Musicteachers.co.uk
  • Click here for royalty free downloads as midi files
  • Click here for a good selection of GCSE, AS and A level resources
  • Click here for the biographies of many composers
  • Click here for a website containing countless midi file accompaniments for a range of songs - classical, pop, rock, and musicals

Sheet Music

Click here for a website offering reasonably priced arrangements for school orchestras and ensembles
Click here for a website where you can download sheet music for a very small charge.

Curriculum Materials

The Revised Skills Map sets out and exemplifies the skills which children acquire as they progress from the Foundation Phase to Key Stages 2 and 3. The skills are divided into the four areas of performing on instruments, singing, composing, and appraising. These skills may be used as the basis for 'Learning Objectives' within Schemes of Work. The skills identified at the transition point between Key Stages 2 and 3 may also be used as a starting point for discussion between secondary music departments and their partner primary schools in an effort to ensure greater continuity and progression across the transition.

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