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Developing thinking in Mathematics 

Let’s Think through Maths!    Year 1

In problem solving, the most effective teaching about how children think: they help you and children focus on how they tackle problems and find a way through them. These open-ended activities an invaluable addition to your takes account of what goes on in children’s minds, not just on the solutions they produce. These Let’s Think through Maths materials are rooted in research using and applying resources.

Let’s Think through Maths! 6-9

Let's Think through Maths! 6-9 contains 19 fun activities that pupils carry out in interactive sessions, both in groups and pairs. Pupils develop their ideas alongside those of their peers and learn to see things from another's perspective.

The activities cover the following areas: number system, measurement, word problems, multiplicative relations, shape, space and data

Primary CAME Thinking Maths

This folder accompanies the Primary CAME professional development programme.

The two-year programme is based on extensive research into how to promote the development of children’s mathematical thinking skills. It explores not just what to teach Year 5 and 6 children but how and why.
Secondary CAME Thinking Maths

These 30 lessons aimed at students aged 11 to 14 are proven to raise attainment at GCSE, when used as a programme. Each lesson is designed to give the opportunity for formal operational thinking (as defined by Piaget) within one of the following eight identifiable content strands, while also linking to other strands:

This document is designed to assist teachers to recognise and promote higher-order mathematical skills within Key Stage 3 and

through to Key Stage 4. It provides examples of learners’ work showing characteristics of Level 7 to Exceptional Performance (EP) within the national curriculum for mathematics. The examples are accompanied by commentary that identifies the characteristics of higher-order mathematical skills.


Higher Order Mathematical Skills.pdf



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