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St Clears Resource Library 

The Griffith Jones Resource Library is a service for Carmarthenshire schools.

Schools can borrow sets of Welsh and English books for the whole class. We also have resources for teachers.


Griffith Jones Resource Library,
Griffith Jones Training Centre,
St Clears, Carmarthen,
SA33 4BT.
Phone : 01267 246625
Email : resourcelibrary@carmarthenshire.gov.uk


Service Aims
  • To support teaching in all subjects
  • Contribute to pupils' effective learning and encourage reading
  • To support local and national strategies for improving standards of literacy
  • Maintain collections of  books available for Carmarthenshire schools to borrow free of charge
Terms and Conditions
  • Borrowing period is one school term
  • The school is responsible for collecting, taking care of and returning the books to the resource library. The loan period may be extended on request subject to availability
  • Please note that staff at the Resource Library have the right to request the items back after one term
Ways to borrow
  • Please make a request or see availability of a book by email : resourcelibrary@carmarthenshire.gov.uk
  • By phone : 01267 246625
  • By visiting in person: Teachers are welcome to visit the library during centre opening hours to see the range of books and resources available

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