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Regional Support, Challenge and Intervention Framework and Matrix
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Useful Prompts and Templates


Estyn has produced a very useful set of self-evaluation manuals containing prompts that schools can use to evaluate their outcomes, provision and leadership against the Common Inspection Framework. These manuals can be particularly useful when drilling down further in relation to the descriptors in the Regional Support, Challenge and Intervention Framework.

Estyn Primary Self-evaluation Manual

Estyn Secondary Self-evaluation Manual

Estyn Special and PRU Self-evaluation Manual 

Mapping out self-evaluation activities over a period of time

Example A
In addition to the activities suggested on an annual basis, a school would wish to arrange other self-evaluation activities over a period of years, such as seeking the views of parents, the community and various partners.

Lesson Evaluation

This prompt / record sheet was initially designed to be used as a self-evaluation tool for teachers. However, it can be easily adapted for use in general lesson evaluation, whether as part of the school's self-evaluation process or during performance management.

My Teaching  (lesson evaluation prompts)

Possible templates to use during lesson observation. Again they can be adapted as schools see fit.

Lesson Evaluation Form A contains columns for judgements against set criteria

Lesson Evaluation Form B contains blank rows

Involving Others

Listening to Learners (WAG packs for primary, secondary and special schools)

Questionnaire for Learners Primary (Estyn)

Questionnaire for Learners Secondary (Estyn)

Possible questionnaires for pupils (Carmarthenshire LA)

Possible questionnaires for parents (Carmarthenshire LA)

Questionnaire for Parents / Carers (Estyn)

General Evaluation Forms

A subject leader / head of department log 

Summary Evaluation Sheet (for any subject or aspect of school life)

Self-evaluation Reports

Estyn is happy for schools to adopt any suitable format for their self-evaluation reports. Two possible formats are included below: the first is Estyn's optional template and the second is the LAs optional template. Both meet Estyn's requirements and they are very similar. (The LAs template was created by adapting the Regional Support, Challenge & Intervention Framework)

Estyn's Optional SER Template

Carmarthenshire's Optional SER Template

School and Departmental Development Plans

A template to use for school development plans, departmental development plans or post-inspection action plans.

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