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Induction Assessment Record (September 2011)
This form must be completed by the Induction Tutor at the end of each term and should be sent to the County Induction Co-ordinator. This form triggers the payment by the GTCW of funds to the school. 

Induction Assessment Record.doc


Letter September 2007.doc (size 55.3 KB)

  • NQT registration
  • NQT training
  • Mike Hughes course 2008



Induction Case Studies

This booklet shows examples of primary and secondary case studies.

Case Studies.pdf (size 13.8 MB)

Induction Flow Diagram

This diagram shows the Induction process in Carmarthenshire

Induction Flow Chart.doc (size 72.7 KB)

NQT Induction Record

This document must be completed and sent to the GTCW within 10 working days of the commencement of a period of Induction.

NQT Induction Record.doc

Materials for Assessment, Observing and Target Setting

Assessment Observation Target Setting.pdf (size 13.6 MB)

Information for NQTs

This booklet looks at the Induction process from the point of view of an NQT.

Information for NQTs.pdf (size 13.6 MB)

The End of Induction Standard

This booklet looks at the End of Induction Standard.  It describes the elements of the standard, explores sources of evidence and gives an examples of the Induction time table.

End of Induction Standard.pdf (size 13.6 MB)

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